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The Gold Standard

Language barriers can be very restricting.
Let us break them for you.

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Who We Are

We are a certified translation service provider (TSP) based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

Our remarkable team has the know-how and skill to perform quality translation whether the texts are general or specialized (technical or institutional) to help clients communicate effectively with internal or external customers. 

You – the clients – are the center of our attention. 

We want to provide you with products that are of the finest quality. We are here to help you reach further. 

So, reach out to us!

Why us?

We understand the challenges of our discipline. We know that among many skills, language proficiency is integral for quality translation. Problem is, mastering a language is a tall order. We encourage you to examine the following statistics from some of the world’s leading institutions to fully appreciate what we mean:

Knowing that full well, and because we care deeply about quality:

We selected a team of very talented, capable translators and linguists who work with one language pair: Arabic/English. That way there are no distractions – every nuance carefully considered, masterfully expressed.

We also set up our business to ensure we consistently deliver service that is marked by the following:


Human Translation: 

Our languages are the main semiotic systems we use for meaningful communication. We use language to express the most intricate of ideas, personal of feelings, and important of objectives. No machine or algorithm fully understands all dimensions human expression – the presuppositions, implicatures, entailments, nuances, subtexts, circumlocutions, homonymy, etc. This is why we depend on our exceptionally-gifted team of professionals to produce reliable translations for you – our valued clients.


Team of Experts Augmented by Technology: 

Our brilliant team is the star of the show, but we do not stop there. We use state-of-the-art technologies to make sure that your experience with us is beyond anything you have experienced before. We are always hard at work to give you better service. To that end, we will keep pushing the boundaries.


Rigorous Quality Assurance: 

Great quality is not easy to achieve. Otherwise, everyone would have achieved it and no one would be exceptional. All individuals and organizations would be the same. We know that producing things of great quality is exacting and demands more than just talent. It is about the approach, the culture of an organization. You can read about our process under “Our Approach.”


Ample Review and Approval Opportunities:

We have said that we recognize that your translation projects are all about your needs and aims. We want to ensure that this fact is never lost on us when we work on your documents. We want your objectives to influence what we produce for you. Ultimately, the best judge of whether something serves your needs is you! Thus, we will give you ample opportunities to give us guidance and feedback at key stages of your projects. That way, we will remain cognizant of your requirements every step of the way.


Fast Turnaround: 

We are all about quality, but what good is quality if it is not delivered in a timely manner. We will analyze your documents and discuss with you your needs and requirements to set a date of completion that suits your schedule. We will always seek to strike a balance between speed and quality to make sure everything is just how it should be.


Competitive Pricing:

We know the translation industry. By having an insider’s knowledge, we can offer competitive pricing that will improve your bottom line.



At Translation Prime, your trust means everything to us. Thus, we are committed to your privacy and will spare no effort to ensure that your privacy is protected and information is secured. We employ strict policies to see to it that your trust is never betrayed. Privacy and security are fundamental in our planning for everything we do. We will take all the measures we can to guarantee your peace of mind. Your data will never be shared with anyone and we will work tirelessly to secure it from prying eyes.

Our Services

We translate texts of many disciplines and domains.

We also offer our services to clients who have texts that need proofreading and editing in Arabic or English.






Human Resources




Our approach


Upon receiving the documents, our team will

  1. analyze the source text  ...
  2. contact the client ...
  3.  set the time frame (date of completion) ... 
  4. create a client/document-specific glossary and a translation style guide ...

Our team analyzes the source text to determine its characteristics: its register “level of formality,” whether it is general or specialized (if it is specialized, then how technical is the terminology?), its level of emotional tone, its writing style, its target audience, etc.


The team will also contact the client to determine the target audience of the target text, the setting in which the target text will be used, and whether the client has special instructions.


At this stage, the client and we will set the time frame (date of completion). We will try to set a deadline that fits into the client’s plans and gives the team enough time to produce very high-quality translations. It is all about striking that right equilibrium.


After having completed these steps, we move to create a client/document-specific glossary of terms (the client is encouraged to provide such glossary to expedite the translation process, enhance quality, and lower the translation quotation) and a translation style guide that will help our team create documents that look exactly how the client needs them to look like. If the client is unable to provide us with a glossary of terms, then – based on their knowledge of the widely-accepted technical jargon of the discipline or field in question – our expert team will choose the right translations for the specialized terms that occur in the source text. However, depending on the complexity of these terms and length of the source text, this can increase the translation cost and push the date of completion back.



Based on the outcome of the Preflight Phase, we assign the translation tasks to the translators who have just the right experience and domain knowledge to ensure the best possible translations.


The translated texts will be proofread by our editors to make sure that translations are superb and to spot and correct any problems.

Deliverable Packaging: 

The deliverables are looked over one last time and prepared for delivery.

Initial Submission: 

The deliverables are submitted to the client who now can examine the texts and ask for some modifications should there be any need to make adjustments.

Final Submission:

The adjustments requested by the client are implemented and the final submission is – then – made. With that, the job is concluded.


Due to the nature of our services, it is almost impossible to give exact quotes without examining the source texts you need to translate to determine their characteristics and complexity (technical Jargon, grammar, cultural expressions, and formatting, etc.), how you want the target texts to look like, and how soon you need the translated documents. 

We pledge to you, however, that we will strive to give you competitive and realistic prices based on all the factors above.

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